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Medicine Hat's Family-Owned

Pet Ranch 

Sam and Heather Gust are the owners and operators of Rocking K9 Pet Ranch. Both born and raised in Medicine Hat, Sam comes from a background in ranching and Heather is a teacher.  Their love for family and animals have led them to the establishment of Rocking K9 Pet Ranch. Opening in June 2021, Sam and his family are eager to welcome you and your dogs to their brand new facility, which will provide a fun and safe environment for your family pet.

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Built in 2021, the 5200 square foot indoor kennel facility features in-floor heating and three designated play areas for small, medium and large dogs.  This unique boarding design features its own accessible alleyway leading to the designated outdoor space.  The outdoor “Barnyard” spaces provide shaded, sheltered areas, access to drinking water, and plenty of toys and activities to entertain your dog.  Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle while in daycare or in boarding is of utmost importance to Rocking K9 Pet Ranch.  With the facility situated on 32 acres of beautiful Southern Alberta prairie, you can be reassured that your pet has access to the amenities required to ensure a healthy lifestyle is maintained while your dog is in daycare or boarding.

In addition to the daily pet-friendly and eco-friendly cleaning procedures, our fresh air ventilation exchange system allows recirculation of air within the facility as another feature to ensure the health and well-being of your pet.  Fully surveilled and supervised, dogs are able to socialize with other dogs in a safe and secure environment.  Well socialized dogs are better able to remain relaxed and calm around new people and environments, as well as foster positive interactions and habits.

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Conveniently located 3km south of South Boundary Road, Rocking K9 Pet Ranch currently provides 5200 square feet of indoor and 25 000 square feet outdoor secure play space for both doggy daycare and boarding.  K9 Pet Ranch is a family owned and operated business, taking pride in offering a unique and beautiful facility, caring for your family pups.

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