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Rocking K9 FAQ


My dog doesn’t like other dogs, can they attend?


We’re set up as a play based, highly social facility with several large common areas and all dogs attending our daycare and boarding must be dog social.


Are your playgroups supervised?


Yes!  We keep a strict limit of 30 dogs per day and encourage pre-booking of daycare in advance to ensure adequate staffing levels so our playgroups can be monitored by a staff member at all times.  

Why is it a requirement to arrange an assessment for my dog prior to visiting the kennel?

Kennels often require an assessment of your dog before their stay to ensure a safe and positive experience for all. This assessment helps the kennel staff understand your dog's temperament, health status, and specific needs. It also checks compatibility with other dogs to prevent conflicts and assesses the dog's behavior in a new environment. Ultimately, this process is about safeguarding the well-being and comfort of your pet, other animals, and the kennel staff during the stay.


Do you have staff on site 24/7?


We believe that to ensure an adequate night’s rest, dogs should have minimal interruption during the evening hours and as such our facility is monitored remotely by our facility owner who does live on site.  Staff are on site from 6:30 am to 7:00 pm M-F and 7:00 am to 7:00 pm on weekends and holidays.  


My dog is coming to board, what do I need to bring?


Once you’ve completed your profile online and submitted your request with vaccination paperwork and had it approved by our staff, you simply need to bring your dog, their food, any medications they might require (please note that we cannot administer medications by injection), treats (if they have a preference - we always have freeze dried beef liver on hand!), and a bed if they prefer sleeping on one.  Our facility is well stocked with bedding, dishes and toys and we prefer to keep personal belongings to a minimum to avoid items going missing during your dog’s stay.  


My dog is insulin dependent - can your staff give him insulin?


Staff are only trained in the administration of oral and topical medications, not injections so unfortunately cannot complete even subcutaneous injections.  


My vet has advised that we wait to fix our dog until after maturity - can I still bring them?


While we can accept intact males that remain social throughout adolescence, unfortunately intact females run the risk of coming into estrus during their stay which upsets the balance of our playgroups AND can potentially attract predatory wildlife to our property.  We can only take intact females until they come into heat for their first time, and not during or beyond.


If I pick up my dog early can I get a refund or credit for future boarding?


While we completely understand that if you are back from your trip early you’d want to see your beloved pets, their kennel is reserved for them for the duration of their stay and would be nearly impossible to fill on short notice.  For this reason, we do not offer credits or refunds on shortened boarding stays.  


My family/close friend would like to come visit while my dog is boarding - is that okay?


From a dog’s perspective, they’re very confused about why someone they know (and love!) has come and then left without them.  This experience can be very distressing or upsetting to them, can create trauma and for this reason, we no longer allow it.  We do post photos on our Facebook page, and for extended stays, if you’d like shoot us a text at (403)581-9578, our staff can send you a quick update on your dog and how they’re settling in.  


My dog came home very tired from your facility - did they get ANY sleep?


We implement regular quiet breaks throughout the day to encourage all of the dogs to nap and avoid overstimulation or excess fatigue.  Additionally, all boarding dogs are given their own quiet space overnight with low lights, soft background music and limited interruptions to encourage a restful night.  


What is the best way to get in touch with you?


Send us a text at (403)581-9578!  Answering the phone or accessing our voicemail can be difficult when we’re surrounded by boisterous dogs all the time, but during business hours staff always monitor our phone for messages that need attention during quiet hours. 

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